7 Takeaways from the Juggernaut Episode of Spider-Man and his Amazing Friends

It is time to take a look at Spider-Man and his Amazing Friends once again to explore more times they used the X-Men characters.  Welcome to the latest edition of MARVELOUS ANIMATION.

1. The premise of this episode is based on the idea of the X-Men having a REUNION BBQ

I just love the idea of X-Men feeling like they need to do reunions. Every X-Men television show should have a reunion episode. Hell, let’s make an X-Men movie that starts off with them all getting together at the start with a school reunion. This is the stuff that makes Spider-Man and His Amazing Friends just so good.


2. Juggernaut is here!

I popped huge when I realized this was going to be a Juggernaut heavy episode. I actually watched it because of the X-Men connection but I did not realize to what extent Juggernaut would be involved. Juggernaut is just so stupid and fun and makes for a great episode of cartoon X-Men fun.


3. Juggernaut’s powers come from a mysterious crystal in this one.

I must admit I have a hard time keeping track of whether or not Juggernaut is a mutant and where he got his powers from. I do know his helmet is key for his powers. Here they went with the powers came from a RARE CRYSTAL. Okay.


4. Wolverine has an Australian accent here too!

Just like in Pryde of the X-Men, Wolverine inexplicably has an Australian accent here. With Pryde, it really helps to add to the chaotic energy of that pilot. Here it is just kinda weird as he only has a few lines and it is not exactly the most cliche accent. Like if you’re gonna give Wolverine an Australian accent, please do us all a favor and make it an absolutely insane Australian accent.


5. This episode is a Firestar origins story.

We learn that Firestar grew up poor and her powers caused problems for her in adolescence. She was BULLIED. Her classmates called her “Angela Jinx.” So cruel. But she eventually used her powers to save her father one day and a hero was born. So wholesome. Then Firestar actually still gets bullied deep into high school? This whole flashback sequence is actually the main point of this episode takes up the majority of screen time.


6. The X-Men recruited Firestar

As Firestar was on the verge of being lost, the X-Men showed up at the end of her flashback to recruit her. We then get flashbacks that include shots of Magneto (pronounced incorrectly) and a Sentinel. [Seen below.]


7. The conclusion of the episode is the X-Men facing off against Juggernaut

After destroying Spider-Man early in the episode, Juggernaut proceeded to wreck the X-Men for a bit. It looked like he was going to kill Xavier and win the day but Spider-Man showed up out of nowhere to save the day at the last second.


Recommendation: Hard pass on this episode. While neat to see some early portrayals of these X-Men characters, the Firestar origins story was trite and unmoving.


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