8 Takeaways from the “The X-Men Adventure” in Spider-man and his Amazing Friends

Spider-man and his Amazing Friends was an early 80s Spider-man cartoon where Peter Park fought villains with his pals….Iceman and Firestar? Firestar was created for the purposes of the show. There were only 24 episodes produced over the course of three seasons, but one of them featured the trio visiting Charles Xavier and the X-men! It’s our long-delayed second edition of MARVELOUS ANIMATION

1. Charles Xavier is made useless.

Almost instantaneously, this Spider-man television show episode uses the go-to-move of almost every X-Men story and causes Charles Xavier to become null and void. After Nathan Price invaded the mansion, Xavier tried to get into his head only for it to be revealed that Price had some mind control block or whatever the fuck. Classic X-Men storytelling! Then just as Xavier threatens to become a part of the action towards the end, he is kidnapped by Price. Xavier was rendered useless TWICE in one twenty-minute episode!


2. X-Men ensemble is not really used much

Everyone is just kind of hanging out as a robot tries to vaporize them and their homes. Everyone got to show off their powers at least once and have a line, but beyond that everyone here was background props essentially.


3. This is really a Firestar episode

Despite Spider-man being the main character and the episode being called “The X-Men Adventure,” this is truly a Firestar episode. Her old college flame accidentally became half a robot, and he is now here to take his revenge on Firestar because he blames her. It is not really clear why he waited until Firestar was surrounded by a bunch of superheroes beyond he thought controlling the Danger Room was his best option to kill her? Not a great plan imo.


4. Kitty Pryde seems to be called Sprite. Animators were very horny for her.

Kitty Pryde was named “Sprite.” Not sure why! It seems that it’s a name used at various points for various X-Men characters over the years.  For some reason, this cartoon for kids was also crazy horny for Kitty.


5. Thunderbird is here.

Thunderbird is not a character you see around much these days. While X-Men should be a group even more so than other superheroes that is more diverse, they often are failing to be that in mainstream portrayals. I am guessing the stereotypical garb is the main reason why you do not see more of him in other cartoons and the like? I am not too familiar with the character though to know much more than that.


6. Danger Room turned against X-Men/Fake Clones of X-Men tricking/Greatest Fears

The Danger Room being turned on the X-Men is always great fun. This episode combined that concept with the villain preying on the X-Men’s individual greatest fears as well which is also always great. We got to see the following:

Storm’s claustrophobia!!


Adamantium prison for a BLINDED Scott!!


Vibranium prison for Kitty who just got fake betrayed by a Peter hologram!!



The final level the X-Men had to get through to get to Price was the MAZE OF MADNESS. I have never heard of the X-mansion having a MAZE OF MADNESS before but man every other X-Men show and film has clearly been ripping us off to deny us more of the MAZE OF MADNESS.


8. Spider-Man is barely involved in this one at all

Despite being the titular character, Spider-man is a real non-entity in this one. He’s mostly just hanging out and does not get seriously involved until the end when he comes up with the plan for everyone to escape the Price’s trap (as seen above).



Definitely check this one out as it is just packed with stuff happening and is a very easy watch.

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