Catwoman Review (aka The Perils of Gambling)


So… Ben & Matt made a bet with The Superhero Pantheon regarding plot details in Avengers: Infinity War. If they won, Jerome & Brian had to put Iron Man 3 in their Hall of Fame (where it belongs). If they lost they had to review Catwoman. It was a tie. Welcome to Hell.

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The next time you hear from Ben & Matt, it’ll be on July 15th when their brand new podcast dedicated to The Leftovers, Countdown to Destruction?, debuts.

Speaking of Damon Lindelof ventures, you should be listening to From Broadcast Depth every Monday so you can hear Kevin Ford & Ben Lundy discuss LOST.

Also Mike Thomas emerged from under that rock he’s been hiding under because he’s such a huge Deadpool fan and heard there was a sequel he could review with Matt.

Actually… it might have been because he had questions about Solo: A Star Wars Story.


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