From Broadcast Depth – Episode 22: ‘S.O.S’ & ‘Two for the Road’


Rose and Bernard grew to be two of the most beloved background characters in LOST. So much so, that the show gave them their own flashback episode, providing us with their “meet cute”, the reason they were in Australia, and Rose’s unique reason for not wanting to be rescued.

Our second episode is much less pleasant. As the death toll doubles, rumor and innuendo began to swirl in regards to the real life drama surrounding the actresses whose times on the show came to the end. Our hosts tackle these rumors while also giving their summation of the two characters lifetimes on the island. The drama is ramping up as we inch closer to the season two finale!

Photo courtesy of Lostpedia. Original artwork by Ben Lundy.

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Mike Thomas emerged from under that rock he’s been hiding under because he’s such a huge Deadpool fan and heard there was a sequel he could review with Matt Waters.

Actually… it might have been because he had questions about Solo: A Star Wars Story.

And finally, coming July 15th: Countdown to Destruction?, a new podcast from super-fan Ben Phillips and first-time viewer Matt Waters covering The Leftovers. Dig LOST? Maybe you’ll dig this!

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