Mike & Matt’s X-Cellent Adventures: Episode #15 – Deadpool 2 

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X-Cellent Adventures is back! Deadpool is back! Mike Thomas is back! ‘Intentionally’ crappy MS Paint show posters are back! Will our listener count be back? Prolly not!

Will Mike hate another massively popular blockbuster movie? Will he be able to keep his SJW bullshit out of it? Will Matt be able to resist saying “well in the comics…”? Click that play button and see baby!

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On the off chance you only show up to this site for hot X-Men related content then be sure to come back in a few weeks for our episode covering Season 2 of Legion. Until then you can check out the following ‘great’ content from The Reel World:

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And coming July 15th: Countdown to Destruction?, a new podcast from super-fan Ben Phillips and first-time viewer Matt Waters covering The Leftovers.


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