From Broadcast Depth – Episode 21: ‘Lockdown’ & ‘Dave’


The Hatch unexpectedly locking down turns out to be a blessing in disguise, as it reveals a map of unknown origin to Locke, whose trapped under a blast door and needs to push the button before the timer runs out. Hurley’s food addiction overcomes him in the form a friend from his life of the Island, who isn’t all he seems to be. We also learn the truth about Henry Gale and just where it is Hurley may recognize Libby from.

Photo courtesy of Lostpedia. Original artwork by Ben Lundy.

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More ‘Great’ Reel World Content

Mike Thomas emerged from under that rock he’s been hiding under because he’s such a huge Deadpool fan and heard there was a sequel he could review with Matt Waters.

Actually… it might have been because he had questions about Solo: A Star Wars Story.

And finally, coming July 15th: Countdown to Destruction?, a new podcast from super-fan Ben Phillips and first-time viewer Matt Waters covering The Leftovers. Dig LOST? Maybe you’ll dig this!

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