8 Takeaways from the “Enter: She-Hulk” Episode of The Incredible Hulk

There was an Incredible Hulk cartoon show in the early 1980s. I did not previously know this. What a world. Anyway, they occasionally brought She-Hulk into the fold. It’s the latest edition of Marvelous Animation!

1. Rick has a cowboy hat.

I learned about Rick the last time I saw a Hulk animation show. Rick sucks! He is without a doubt the most inexplicable character I have encountered so far in my travels through animated Marvel projects! He is such a nothing personality! The idea of an everyman being around Bruce does make sense admittedly, but this guy is just too bland to justify screentime anywhere. He existed to ask questions to set up exposition and then to fuck up constantly. But he does here at least have a cowboy hat. That is not nothing.


2. She-Hulk seems a better Hulk and Person and Protagonist

Jennifer Walters seems like a better protagonist. She is actively fighting to make the world a better place when she is not Hulking. She actually can control when she is Hulking. In general, she just seems much more proactive as a character as opposed to the more limp/reactive Bruce Banner. I don’t dislike the Bruce character to be clear. It just does not lend itself to being a protagonist of a superhero film or a television show. Based on this one episode, it’s hard to believe every Hulk story does not involve the two of them.





4. Bruce tried to use Jen to become Hulk with Bruce’s mind

This was a pretty good excuse to bring the characters together and would be a good hook for these two ever coming together. It is never something that should ever be permanent as the contrast between the two characters is what makes their dynamic together interesting.


5. Supreme Hydra’s Plan is Insane

Hydra has made a machine that produces a fog/gas thing that can freeze an object and transport them like telekinesis. SUPREME HYDRA seeks to use it to hold Los Angeles HOSTAGE via threat of total city IMMOBILIZATION!


6. Bruce Banner feels like a cliche boy scout hero

Based on this episode at least, Bruce was characterized as the cliche “North-South” superhero. It felt like a reductive interpretation Scott Summers if anything. (Being voiced by the same guy who did a very surface-level interpretation of Cyclops in Pryde of the X-Men did not help on this front.) Obviously, there have always been different ways of portraying these different heroes, but this version feels bland and inappropriate for Bruce on some level.


7. Betty Ross is also here and involved somehow

Betty’s connection to this episode felt very shoe-horned in. She was working on actual science to counter smog in Los Angeles?? Then Hydra kidnapped her? She is at least portrayed as a smart person who is competent and can rescue herself and kinda saved the day while the Hulks were stuck fighting each other.


8. Bruce briefly maintained control of Hulk [before inevitably succumbing to Hulkness]

Hulk and She-Hulk briefly worked together until Bruce could no longer maintain control of Hulk. Then they briefly fought against each other. [Then Betty mostly saved the day.] The point being these two characters are absolutely fascinating together and should be explored more in mainstream portrayals of them!


Recommendation: I had never seen She-Hulk before, and I really enjoyed this introduction (for me) to her. So it is definitely recommendation worthy on that level at least.



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