Pantheon Plus – Muppet Mania: Muppet Treasure Island

Jerome and Brian discuss the weakest of the Muppet movies so far as the creators try to generate the same magic as Muppet Christmas Carol.

It’s a movie where the human characters are written to outshine the muppets as our favorites are reduced to supporting roles. Despite the problems, there are still some highlights. Find out why adapting non-copyrighted material doesn’t always work.

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Ben Phillips & Matt Waters continue to present 25 of their favourite 90s movies in the third volume of There Will Be MoviesThis week you should guarantee citizenship by signing up to kill some bugs! Or just listen to us talk about Starship Troopers instead.

Matt also presents The Matt Signal Beyond, which recaps episodes of Batman Beyond every Saturday and Sunday. This weekend the show goes full anime as Terry tangles with a conspiracy involving gifted children and tangles with an old foe with new powers.

But wait, there’s more! Matt ALSO presents Marvel Mondays which returns next week to begin coverage of Hawkeye.

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