Reel Bad – A Breaking Bad Podcast: Episode 12 (Better Call Saul Season 5)

The fifth season of Better Call Saul may be the best yet, and Jerome and Kevin break down why.

A long discussion of the characters and stories leads to some gushing over some of the series’ top episodes, and bellyaching over the Emmy snubs of Bob Odenkirk and especially Rhea Seehorn. Some old Breaking Bad characters make some first time appearances as well, and we see some characters going down the darker paths that will lead them to their Breaking Bad destination.

With the show’s final season in abeyance, Kevin and Jerome lay down some Season 6 predictions to end the episode, and reveal their next project. Don’t worry, Reel Bad will wrap up whenever Season 6 is released!

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First time hearing Kevin Ford? Check his podcast on the TV series LOSTFrom Broadcast Depth, or his Adventure Time podcast, Flooping the Pig.

New to Jerome? His podcast, Pantheon Plus, has been filling in for the long-running The Superhero Pantheon as he and Brian have managed to cover damn near every comic book movie out there.

Ben & Matt’s There Will Be Movies has wrapped on its second volume with Parasite. Theoretically volume three begins next summer covering the 90s, but listen to the episode to find out why that’s not a definite!

Matt continues to recap episodes Batman The Animated Series every Saturday and Sunday on The Matt Signal. This week Batman dies!!! But then somehow fights Clayface again on the next episode…

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