The Superhero Pantheon: Watchmen (2019) & Wonder Woman 1984

Jerome and Brian come back to superheroes for an end of the year special as they discuss HBO’s huge Watchmen adaptation that takes its cues from the graphic novel and less so from the 2009 film. The duo discusses why this television series is worth assessing for the Pantheon.

Then the final 30 minutes are a discussion of Wonder Woman 1984. Find out their very spoiler filled thoughts on a mixed bag of a movie to say the least.

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Ben & Matt hosted their own Watchmen podcastNothing Ever Ends, so feel free to check that out too.

Reel Bad, Kevin & Jerome’s Breaking Bad podcast concludes (for now) this Thursday. More episodes when there’s more show to talk about!

Matt continues to recap episodes of Batman: The Animated Series every Saturday and Sunday. This week Batman dies! And then somehow battles Clayface again…

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