The Wheel Breakers – A Game of Thrones Podcast: Episode 8

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Having conquered the medium of film, Mike & Matt return to podcasting about television with the cultural juggernaut that is Game of Thrones one season at a time. *Enormous spoilers* Obviously.

Now that the oh-so-controversial final season of the show is in the books Mike and Matt are able to discuss if they feel some of the pitfalls of recent seasons paid off in the end, as well as their thoughts on The Long Night, The Bells and of course the finale itself.

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Thank you for listening to this series and a massive special thanks again to Saskia Parks for this and all of our logos, as well as this series’ phenomenal intro and outro music.

Mike and Matt will almost certainly forget to commemorate the upcoming 200th episode of The Reel World podcast, but rest assured exciting content is on the horizon.

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Mike broke down what did and did not work for him about ‘The Long Night‘.

Mike also wrote a listicle: Top 7 Game of Thrones Characters Who Got Short-Changed.

Check out how our wild predictions from two years ago about how the show would play out for some fun comparison.

The article Mike referenced about The Office that he feels is some of his best work is also always available for reading.


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