8 Predictions for the Final Season of Game of Thrones

1. After four seasons of tension, Jaime and Cersei finally “broke up” for wont of a better term. How do you see their relationship playing out?

Matt: I always imagined Jaime coming full circle and killing The Mad Queen to save King’s Landing again, executed as a double oathbreaker while secretly being one of Westeros’ greatest heroes. Unfortunately I don’t know if I like Jaime’s chances of making it back to King’s Landing, and read that moment with the snowfall as such. If he returns I’m sticking with he kills her.

Mike: Jaime and Cersei are dying together. Somehow. It does seem like there is a much less direct path to that right now though. But still. They have to die together, right? How could there possibly be any other outcome?


2. Tyrion has clearly developed an infatuation for Dany over the last three seasons. The final shots of him in this episode hinted that he may be quite bitter about the fact that Dany has decided to start knocking boots with Jon Snow. If true, is that at all a useful direction for the show to go in?

Matt: The good guys’ victory depends on some pretty fragile alliances holding together, and I think we’ll get a lot of ‘How can I trust you?’ ‘Knock it off, we have zombies to fight’ moments coming. Hopefully this plot thread is just one of those and won’t dominate things next season. Some have suggested Tyrion may have swayed back over toward Cersei and her unborn child, citing Dani’s infertility as a way of convincing his sister to help out, as the Lannisters could maintain power by simply outlasting the others. Jon and Dani conceiving a child would ruin that, and maybe that’s what Tyrion is all hmm about.

Mike: Tyrion has not had a tremendous amount to do since he decided to work for Dany a while back. He’s mostly just failed a lot like he’s an underachieving free agent in The Great Game. He may have literally been wrong about every major decision he’s had to make in the last three seasons. So I fear that they are going to try to make some inorganc drama to give him one last big arc…I hope it’s not jealously of Jon.

[Update: This is apparently not happening.]


3. Theon Greyjoy has somehow survived seven seasons of Game of Thrones. How will his story come to an end in the final season?

Matt: He will finally do something brave and heroic, rescuing Yara, only to immediately die for it after a lifetime of taking the cowardly option and surviving. But it will be a good death and he will potentially say something to that effect, with a smile on his face as Yara holds him in her arms.

Mike: Theon…oh Theon. How in the fuck have you of all people survived the length of the show? Well, it was good while it lasted. There is noooooo way you’re surviving the end of this show. You’re gonna die. You’re gonna at least save your sister who stuck up for you far too many times before you kick the bucket though.


4. Do you think there is any merit to the theory that Bran is The Night King?

Matt: I’ve always thought this theory was dumb. Sure, you can find enough evidence to support it, and you’d get the oh so juicy reveal that the villain was actually one of the heroes all along, but to what end? I’m not saying it isn’t true, I just don’t particularly like it. Bran has never been interesting for even a moment and revealing he accidentally got stuck inside The Night King wouldn’t change that for me. Also… when you get stuck inside something you warg into, surely your original body would just be lying there limply with white eyes? Bran is walking rolling around and talking and doing things so surely he isn’t trapped inside anything.

Mike: The only thing I like about the theory is that it adds extra meaning to, “You will never walk again. But you will fly.” Other than that, this would be some weird shit even by Bran’s story’s standards and would kind of be a weird way to conclude the very long con that was his story in general.


5. Not only did the long-believed theory of Jon Snow actually being the son of Rhaegar and Lyanna finally see the light of day, the show revealed the other major mystery around that whole situation: Rhaegar and Lyanna actually had a consensual relationship and Jon is their trueborn son. Thus, Robert Baratheon’s rebellion against the crown for the Prince of Westeros kidnapping and raping Lyanna Stark was a lie. Will this information impact the final season in a significant manner? 

Matt: I don’t think there’s enough time left in the show to deal with the repercussions of that reveal, and the rebellion was as much about deposing The Mad King as it was getting Lyanna back, even if that galvanized Robert and Ned to start it up. I just can’t envision a great deal happening after the Night King plot wraps up, so the notion of Dani turning on Jon due to his superior claim for the throne seems a bit much. Jon wouldn’t even want to be King and for all we know Sam and Bran may decide it’s best not to even tell him.

Mike: Way more than the confirmation of r + l = j, I’ve been hoping that it would be revealed that Lyanna willfully chose to be with Rhaegar. Robert Baratheon was a charming motherfucker, but he was clearly a fucking idiot. It was so perfect that he would convince himself that he and Lyanna were star-crossed lovers instead of being able to recognize and/or accept that Lyanna could dare to choose to be with anyone else. It’s just so perfect and necessary. No one will care though because the patriarchy is suffocating, and it’s easier to believe Robert was some noble hero than acknowledging the agency of a woman.


6. The Army of the Dead is finally in Westeros again, and The Great War has come at last. Given everything that we have learned about the country of Westeros, as a story, should the White Walkers win? Would that be the most appropriate ending for this show?

Matt: We have all said something to that effect to one of our friends at some point, and while George R R Martin is clearly a big fan of pulling the rug out from under a nice moment in favour of something pessimistic and horrible, I can’t imagine this story ending with every major character dead and a bunch of zombies… standing around? The fact we have never known what the Whitewalkers are even after has been a major flaw in all this. They still have a season to reveal this information, and there are a number of theories out there to be read, but I just don’t see The Night King not biting it. He exists to be defeated, not to stand there, emotionless before the final fade to black.

Mike: In short, yes. In long, I’m not really sure how to do it. And when you combine that with the issue Matt brought up of the zombies literally being motivation-less, there’s really no storytelling decision that can be used to justify that decision. They should go for it if they can though. The country being destroyed by “weather” because the humans can’t get their shit together is basically perfect.


7. With that being said, will the White Walkers win?

Matt: This is basically the same question…

Mike: No.


8. This question may be unnecessary depending on our answers to the last two questions, but I’ll ask it anyway. Who ends up on The Iron Throne?

Matt: Cersei. I think it’s very possible the show ends in a place where they don’t have Kings and Queens anymore and instead embraces democracy, with Cersei technically being the last Queen of Westeros. Dani could have her lone surviving dragon melt the Iron Throne just as her ancestor’s created it in the first place. Failing that? All hail King Tyrion, the secret Targaryen bastard. Jon seems too sunshine and rainbows for GoT, but I suppose rising from a Stark bastard to a trueborn Targaryen King would be something.

Mike: I think the ending is actually gonna be something similar to The Wire where the players are all in new positions, but the wheel keeps spinning. Thus, someone new and fresh might be on the throne but the country will go on much in the same way it always has before. I will guess that it will actually be Aegon Targaryen.


Bonus: List all (if any) of the main cast members who will actually survive the final season of Game of Thrones.

Matt: Oh jeez. Tyrion. Sam. Arya. Sansa. Yara. Jon/Dani (not both).

Mike: Jon, Varys, Sam, Sandor, Sansa, Gendry, Bronn, andddddddd Tyrion

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