Pitch Please Episode 1: Marvel/Netflix Phase 2

Marvel Netflix.jpg

The Reel World presents a brand new edition to their podcast network: Pitch Please. Each episode Matt Waters and Ben Phillips will present their pitches for future instalments in film and television franchises, starting with the second phase of Marvel’s Netflix shows (Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Luke Cage, Iron Fist and Punisher).

This is essentially something Matt & Ben do all the time anyway so they figured they’d just start recording it and dumping it on the world so that the opinions of middle-class white millennials don’t go unheard for even a moment. Hopefully it’s fun in spite of that.

Let us know if you have any franchises you’d like to hear covered in future episodes by commenting or tweeting either The Reel World, Matt or Ben. Anyway, enjoy our dumb show below on Soundcloud or YouTube. Or subscribe on iTunes or Stitcher.


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Matt Waters

Brit dude who likes both things AND stuff and has delusions of being some kind of writer or something. Basketball, video games, comic books, films, music, other random stuff.

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