Pick Your Poison: Episode 1 – Nightcrawler & The Spectacular Now

Nightcrawler:Spectacular Now

Mike & Matt are finally back and have brought a brand new addition to the Reel World Podcast Network: Pick Your Poison, in which each host selects a film the other has never seen before and they review both together. For the inaugural episode Mike picked Nightcrawler while Matt chose the not at all similar The Spectacular Now.

Yes that’s right, we’re back after a lengthy hiatus. Mike got a new job with a #problematic travel schedule while Matt just straight up got a little burnt out. But we’re not ones to let such things get in the way of internet mediocrity (at best), and so we are indeed back with a brand new show that sort of spins off the One Year Anniversary Episode. It may lead to some interesting results. It may not. Listen anyway.

Episode 2 will be coming in the near future, with Mike’s next pick being Paterson and Matt has decided to make Mike watch Bunny and the Bull as a form of twisted vengeance for bagging on Miles Tellar so much.

Matt and Ben will be back with another episode of Pitch Please soon taking turns to pitch future X-Men films. If you didn’t catch the first episode please check it out. The pair speculate on the future of the Marvel/Netflix shows.

There will also totally be some sort of question based article for Thor: Ragnarok.


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Tenuous promise that Matt will start recapping the second season of Futurama soon after a LENGTHY break. Watch this space.

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