Ranking the Batman Actors

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Somehow, we have never ranked the Batman actors??? Well, our long international nightmare is over. We brought in the best minds in the biz to finally crack this conundrum.

To clarify, this is specifically looking at actors who have played Batman in a film that received a wide theatrical release. Sorry, Diedrich Bader.

Here are the voters:

Matt Waters
Jerome Cusson
Ben Phillips
Mike Thomas

9) George Clooney

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There Will Be Movies – Episode 64: Heat

Ben Phillips & Matt Waters present 25 of their favourite movies from the 1990s.

It’s been a pretty silly volume so far, but now it’s time for a movie both hosts independently labelled as “Perfect”.

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Jerome’s 100 Favorite Movies Ever: Heat

(Check out the list so far)

The Movie: Heat (1995)

One Sentence Plot Summary: It’s a battle of icons as Michael Mann brings together two of the most important actors of the last 50 years on opposite sides of the law and shows the moral complexities involved.

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