Jerome and Kevin Present – Cancelled Too Soon: Party Down

On this installment of Cancelled Too Soon, Jerome and Kevin delve into Rob Thomas’ short-lived cult sitcom, Party Down.

Kevin discusses the difficulty the show had finding a home and how they were able to shoot a proof of concept pilot that ultimately landed them on Starz. The hosts then talk about the main cast, all 20 episodes, the litany of guest stars, favorite moments and scenes, why it was canceled, and the show’s pending revival. Are we having fun yet?!

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Mars Investigated: Episode 5


In what may be the final episode of this podcast series, Jerome and Kevin discuss what may be the final season (or first season if you look at the packaging for the DVD) of Veronica Mars.

They begin by discussing the controversial ending before diving into the plot mechanics and characters. Two guest stars really elevated this season and brought a lot of nuance to the proceedings.

While this is the last episode of this series, Jerome and Kevin will shift their attention to another show. Find out which one at the end. Continue reading Mars Investigated: Episode 5

Mars Investigated: Episode 4


This month, we’re bridging the gap between Seasons 3 and 4 of Veronica Mars. We discuss Rob Thomas’ hail mary pitch for the potential Season 4 back when Season 3 was on the air, the overwhelmingly successful Kickstarter for the Veronica Mars movie, the movie itself, the two novels that pick up where the movie left off, and the spin-off mini series “Play It Again, Dick.” Jerome and Kevin give their opinions on all items, how crucial they are before watching Season 4, and a look into Rob Thomas’ mindset as a writer. Continue reading Mars Investigated: Episode 4

Mars Investigated: Episode 1


Jerome Cusson and Kevin Ford have not podcasted in literal years. However, Veronica Mars is a show great enough to bring them back together for one more ride.

The duo discusses their favorite moments from the first season. Also, they assess Adam Scott’s viability as Mr. Fantastic and look back to see what’s #problematic. Oh, and Kevin loves dogs. Continue reading Mars Investigated: Episode 1