Mars Investigated: Episode 3


Jerome and Kevin are back this month for a look at the third season of Veronica Mars. It’s not as consistent, but there are still some highlights and tremendous guest stars. The duo also takes a hard look at some of the various relationships and why none of them are unhealthy. A fun episode all around! Continue reading Mars Investigated: Episode 3

Mars Investigated: Episode 2


Veronica’s senior year of high school was meant to be focused on winning the Kane Scholarship and fulfilling her lifelong dream of attending Stamford University – that is, until, a bus full of her classmates crashed… Continue reading Mars Investigated: Episode 2

Mars Investigated: Episode 1


Jerome Cusson and Kevin Ford have not podcasted in literal years. However, Veronica Mars is a show great enough to bring them back together for one more ride.

The duo discusses their favorite moments from the first season. Also, they assess Adam Scott’s viability as Mr. Fantastic and look back to see what’s #problematic. Oh, and Kevin loves dogs. Continue reading Mars Investigated: Episode 1