The Best Inland Empire Writing (that I have found so far)

One of the great joys of watching great and interesting movies is that it can lead to so much interesting writing. The level of writing that makes you feel like you are experiencing the film in a new way or opens you up to new ideas. The type of writing that inspires you think deeper about what you have watched.

One of the best films to read great writing about is one of my favorites, Inland Empire. With the recent restoration supervised by Lynch himself that has led to limited screenings in theaters and an upcoming new physical disc in 2023 by Criterion, it has become a great time to read about Inland.

This article takes a look at some great new writing on the film but also some interesting things written about the film before the recent restoration. This article will be updated in the future as more great pieces are made about this remarkable film (or I just find other great ones that have already been written). Continue reading The Best Inland Empire Writing (that I have found so far)