Pantheon Plus: Okja

Jerome and Brian conclude their look at Bong Joon Ho’s filmography by discussing an underrated gem, Okja. Actors certainly make some choices in this movie. They end this month on a positive note before getting ready for a limited edition return to Superhero Pantheon next week.

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Pantheon Plus: Mother (2009)

Jerome and Brian are back to continue looking at Bong Joon-Ho’s filmography, this time the 2009 Mother. Find out why this is one of the darker movies they’ve ever discussed on a podcast and why it’s one of the best.

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Pantheon Plus: The Host

Jerome and Brian continue their examination of the Bong Joon-ho filmography with a look at 2006’s The Host, one of the best monster movies ever made. Hear their thoughts on what is a significantly better film than last week despite some odd CGI.

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Pantheon Plus: Barking Dogs Never Bite

Jerome and Brian are celebrating Bong Joon Ho month. One year after his huge night at the Academy Awards, the duo go back into his filmography to discuss some of his earlier work.

They begin with a movie about dog kidnapping and torture (Be warned), his first feature. Find out their mixed feelings on a movie that at least hints at the director’s potential. 

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There Will Be Movies – Episode 50: Parasite

Ben Phillips & Matt Waters continue to present 25 of their favourite movies from a given decade, this time with 2010 – 2019.

Another year and another volume of There Will Be Movies in the books, and we’re closing with our only Oscar-winner to date: Parasite. Come for the class discourse, stay for Matt’s bleak announcement about future plans.

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Jerome’s 100 Favorite Movies Ever: Parasite

(Check out the list so far)

The Movie: Parasite (2019)

One Sentence Plot Summary: A lower class family infiltrates a rich family, but little do they know there’s a surprise waiting in the basement that isn’t a monster but rather an allegory for class warfare.  

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Pantheon Plus – Autumn Apocalypse: Snowpiercer & Train to Busan

It’s a doubleheader this week as Jerome and Brian spend a lot of time on trains. They try to wade through issues of class, protein bars made out of bugs, and worst of all, zombies as they discuss Snowpiercer (the movie, not the TNT show) and Train to Busan (the original, not the sequel)

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