Ghost in the Shell Review


Whether we like it or derisively roll our eyes at it, Hollywood continues to dish out remakes and reboots left and right, from the bizarre Point Break to the actually pretty logical (and for better or worse) long-awaited live action adaptation of legendary anime Ghost in the Shell. While I refuse to see the former on principal, I did check out the latter, so get ready to read about it. Continue reading Ghost in the Shell Review

Watchmen  Podcast


Long before Zack Snyder was sucking all the fun out of the DC Universe he was sucking all the fun out of the most acclaimed graphic novel of all time with his first foray into the world of superheroes. As the only person in the world who likes it, Matt is ready to step up top the plate and do his best to defend it against Mike’s onslaught of criticism. Continue reading Watchmen  Podcast

Mike & Matt’s X-Cellent Adventures: Episode #13 – Logan


Wolverine might finally be ready to let go, but are Mike & Matt? Well, the only way to find out is to dust off X-Cellent Adventures and review a brand new X-Men film, with obvious major spoilers ahead. Is it as good as the critics are saying? Will X-23 be a breakout star? Is it racist? HIT PLAY AND HEAR FOR YOURSELF! Continue reading Mike & Matt’s X-Cellent Adventures: Episode #13 – Logan

Ranking the Batmen


For fifteen podcast episodes over the course of five months, we here at The Reel World have gone deep down the Batman rabbit hole, from Adam West to Ben Affleck and pretty much every actor to play The Dark Knight along the way, passing out hot takes left and right. But what is the overall outcome of The Tape Crusaders? Which of these films is our consensus favourite? Which ones can’t we stand? It’s time to find out. (Mike would like to make clear that the white-bread af introduction you just read was written by Matt.) Continue reading Ranking the Batmen

The Tape Crusaders: Episode #15 – Batman The Animated Series 


Finally, Mike & Matt’s journey through Batman is at a close with one of the most revered projects in the history of the franchise, the beloved Batman The Animated Series. Your ever-loving hosts discuss the tone, the treatments of Batman, Bruce and the Rogues Gallery and then get into favourite episodes. Continue reading The Tape Crusaders: Episode #15 – Batman The Animated Series 

The Tape Crusaders: Episode #14 – The Lego Batman Movie 


Everything is awesome because Mike & Matt have finally gotten to the highly anticipated Lego incarnation of the Dark Knight! Once their totally in-depth point by point breakdown of the movie is done with it’s time for yet another round of shaking our heads at the state of the DC Cinematic Universe now that Ben Affleck is rumoured to be dropping out of The Batman altogether. It’s gonna be fun on the bun! Continue reading The Tape Crusaders: Episode #14 – The Lego Batman Movie