The Reel World Ranks the DCEU


To tie in with the release of Joker, four of the World’s Reel World’s Finest decided to take a look at the entire DCEU* and debate which films are the best and worst. Continue reading The Reel World Ranks the DCEU

More Joker Thoughts (feat. Ben)


Not content to only devote one podcast to coverage of Joker, Matt decided to tap Ben for his thoughts on the movie, and they are far less positive than Mike’s to say the least. Matt also gets a chance to add to or retract some of what he said the first time around… like a coward.

In any event, it’s only 15 minutes of your life so what have you got to lose? Continue reading More Joker Thoughts (feat. Ben)

The Tape Crusaders – Episode #17: Joker

Joker poster.jpeg

It’s that clown movie everyone can’t stop arguing about! More importantly, something managed to bring The Tape Crusaders out of mothballs! Rejoice! Mike Thomas returns!
Continue reading The Tape Crusaders – Episode #17: Joker