Jerome & Kevin Present – Cancelled Too Soon: Pushing Daisies

Jerome and Kevin are back with another discussion of a show who died too soon. The facts are these. Pushing Daisies started as a moderate hit on ABC in the fall of 2007 but had to shut down early due to a Writer’s Strike (studios not compensating their writers properly).

Although the show came back, all of the momentum was gone after being off for a year. Therefore, after 22 episodes, no more Pushing Daises and no Piemaker to bring them back with a touch. Enjoy the discussion, and we promise, only minimal smooching. 


Jerome & Kevin have completed podcasts on Veronica Mars, Breaking Bad/Better Call Saul and Halt and Catch Fire. Individually Jerome is the co-host of The Superhero Pantheon and Pantheon Plus while Kevin has done shows on LOST and Adventure Time.

Ben & Matt’s dumbest podcast yet is coming soon. Hope you like robots in disguise!

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