The Superhero Pantheon – Special Edition: Putting People into the Pantheon

Over the course of three years, Jerome and Brian have put a number of movies into the Superhero Pantheon. This week, they focus on people as they induct a number of the most important people in.

Jerome and Brian also make some solo selections as well. It’s 90 minutes covering the very best superhero performers over the last half century of films. 

The List:

Christopher Reeve

Margot Kidder

Gene Hackman

Richard Donner

John Williams

Adam West

Tim Burton

Michael Keaton

Jack Nicholson

Michelle Pfeiffer

Danny Elfman

Kevin Conroy

Christopher Nolan

Heath Ledger

Margot Robbie

Wesley Snipes

Hugh Jackman

Patrick Stewart

Lauren Schuler Donner

Ryan Reynolds

Willem Defoe

JK Simmons

Tobey McGuire

Sam Raimi

Samuel L. Jackson

Robert Downey Jr.

Chris Evans

Scarlett Johansson

Chadwick Boseman

Tom Holland

Tom Hiddleston

James Brolin

Jon Favreau

Anthony and Joe Russo

Christopher Markus and Stephen McFeely

James Gunn

Ryan Coogler 

Kevin Feige

Hans Zimmer

Alan Silvestri

Michael Giacchino

Gal Gadot (Brian’s choice)

Michael B. Jordan (Jerome’s choice)

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Jerome & Kevin Present is back with ‘Cancelled Too Soon’, covering a series of TV shows brought to an abrupt end by network weirdos. Episode One was Freaks and Geeks. Tune in the first week of each month for more! Oh hey, that’s next week!

The Matt Signal a Batman The Animated Series recap continues each Saturday and Sunday. This weekend Batman tries to fight a criminal who can’t be touched and Terry goes missing.

Matt also presents Marvel Mondays, in which he covers all of the MCU Disney+ shows. Obviously that means the column is on hiatus until Moon Knight. But something else may return soon…

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