Jerome and Kevin Present – Cancelled Too Soon: Freaks and Geeks

The first question you might ask is why an audio clip from South Park is the open of the show. Well, that explanation and the greatness of Freaks and Geeks are on the docket this month.

It’s a new year and a new theme. Jerome and Kevin will explore a number of shows that didn’t get their proper due in their time but have gone on to become cult hits. Fittingly, they start with one of the biggest and most important shows that fall under this category.

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Jerome & Kevin have completed podcasts on Veronica Mars, Breaking Bad/Better Call Saul and Halt and Catch Fire. Individually Jerome is the co-host of The Superhero Pantheon and Pantheon Plus while Kevin has done shows on LOST and Adventure Time.

Check out The Matt Signal Beyond, in which Matt Waters recaps episodes of Batman Beyond every Saturday and Sunday. This weekend Terry tackles some cyberpunks and there’s another masked vigilante with a mystery identity on the loose.

Matt also hosts Marvel Mondays, which is currently on hiatus for a bit.

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