Exploring Digital Purgatory! An Introduction

In my time at Enter the Reel World, I’ve spent a lot of time talking about superheroes and superhero cinema. I’ve reviewed over 100 movies across the landscape, everything from the most recent MCU blockbusters going all the way back to the 1966 Batman. There is an entire industry surrounding rumors, news, reviews, and theories at this point relating to superhero projects. Without question, they drive a lot of online discourse for better or worse. Even now, Matt Waters and Mike Thomas are hanging out with different corners of the DC animated universe.

My goal with this column will be to highlight various movies and television shows on your favorite streaming platforms. Some columns will focus on newer releases. However, I also intend to dig into some older works as well. Platforms like HBO Max and the Criterion Channel have a bevy of films that haven’t come out in the last 20 years, and they should be explored. That’s what I intend to do.

There are two rules. No Superheroes. No Star Wars.

Just like my list from last year, I will have some categories. These are self-explanatory.

The Movie or TV Show

One Sentence Premise Summary

Where You Can Stream It

Why I Streamed It

Why You Should Stream it

Best Performance

Best Quote

Final Grade

Expect one or two columns a week moving forward until I lost interest or don’t have time.

I’m going to begin tomorrow, starting with a modern and contemporary movie from good old 1976, Mikey and Nicky.

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