14 Questions about The Star Wars Holiday Special

1. Why do the sets look so cheap?

It looks like a student film that somehow held the real actors hostage.

2. Who did that to Luke’s hair?

Every time I saw a still of him over the years from this I half-wondered if it was not Mark Hamill.

3. What the fuck.

The ten minute sequence to start the film comprised entirely in the Wookie language with no subtitles was bold and stylistic.

4. What the fuck.

What the fuck.

5. Who are these people and why do they have a mini fish tank?

This junk dealer/trader really should have been in more Star Wars stuff! What a character!

6. Okay yes mat paintings but better ones???

Just look at Kashyyyk!

7. When are we getting Chef Gormaanda: A Star Wars Story?

The variety hour nature of this special manifested itself in such glorious ways.

8. Why did Star Wars never have sperm before?

VR porn will be all the rage soon enough, and it was cool to see Star Wars get a chance to shift towards hard sci-fi.

9. I mean this in a drugs are cool way and not in a derogatory way but how many drugs Carrie Fisher do before her scenes and where can I get them?

The 70s ruled.

10. Why did the movie become a cartoon suddenly at one point??

Chewie’s son at one point starts…watching a cartoon TV show about the characters?? It was genuinely the best part of the whole special though, and the drawing style was a welcome throwback.

11. Boba Fett? Boba Fett?? Where???

I genuinely did not know this was the first appearance of Boba Fett. I retroactively apologize to That 70’s Show as for years I had criticized it for making a Boba Fett reference despite the whole show existing before Empire.


Just look at it!!

13. Why would a giant non-humanoid rat want to go to a bar?

Bea Arthur being the owner of the Mos Eisley bar is canon, and there’s nothing you can do about it.


That’s all I got. Honestly, this is much more interesting than Rise of Skywalker.

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