The Superhero Pantheon: Volume 2, Episode 53: The Punisher (2004) & Punisher: Warzone

Punisher Double

Brian and Jerome punish themselves some more by reviewing the other two Punisher movies. They discuss if John Travolta is a good actor, whether Thomas Jane is a good Punisher, and some really bad accents.

Note: This was obviously intended to be the episode immediately after The Punisher (1989) & Captain America (1990) double bill, but Matt uploaded Daredevil instead. Sorry everyone. Please enjoy this poster that took over 4 minutes to create as penance.

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Secret Agent Men, Ben & Matt’s spy movie podcast has hit a real point of contention with Mission: Impossible Rogue Nation

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Flooping the Pig, Kevin’s Adventure Time podcast, is coming back for new episodes later this year. Catch up on the archive twice a week, now on The Reel World.

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