The Superhero Pantheon Vol. 2 – Episode 29: Teen Titans Go! To the Movies

teen titans go.jpg

It’s the only 2018 superhero movie Jerome and Brian haven’t covered at all. This week, they explore more DC meta commentary as Robin stars in a movie about him not getting to be in his own movie. The other Teen Titans are…there. Explore the fun and madness of a movie where the plot doesn’t matter, but there are enough gags to keep things entertaining.

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Jerome has elected to double-dip on Reel World podcasts, debuting his new show, Mars Investigated, a Veronica Mars podcast co-hosted by Kevin Ford of From Broadcast Depth.

Ben Phillips and Matt Waters may be out of the superhero game for the foreseeable future but their Big Boy Film podcast, There Will Be Movies, continues on with Shaun of the Dead

Mike & Matt’s X-Cellent Adventures… back soon… Legion season 3… yada-yada-yada.

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