The Superhero Pantheon Vol. 2 – Episode 22: Batman Begins

Batman Ra's.jpg

Christian Bale steps into the cape and cowl, and Christopher Nolan steps into the director’s chair in another Batman origin story. Jerome and Brian break down a franchise film that is very different from the predecessor franchise. The sequel to this film is the one that gets a lot of the praise, but is this good enough to be entered into the Pantheon?

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Fun Fact: Matt Waters firmly believes this is the best Batman movie of them all. You can hear the justification of that opinion and reviews of every single Batman movie by Matt and Mike Thomas if you were so inclined.

Ben & Matt’s Marvellous Journey returned last week to be the third and final podcast on this site to cover Spider-Man: Far From Home, and will be back again tomorrow to discuss Marvel’s enormous slate of future announcements before disappearing into the sunset to let Superhero Pantheon be the comic book movie podcast.

Speaking of Ben & Matt, their new podcast series highlighting 25 of their favourite movies from a given decade, There Will Be Movies, rolls on with Training Day.

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