Big Spideas – Episode 6: Spider-Man: Far From Home

Far From Home.jpeg

Spider-Man is back! Peter and pals party their way across Europe and occasionally some superhero nonsense gets in their way.

Speaking of nonsense, Mike & Matt are back for more Big Spideas, and as we now also have an MCU-dedicated podcast on the site, this episode will be focusing more on the Spider-Man aspects. How is Marvel’s continuing vision of Spider-Man? How does this compare to the Raimi and Webb versions? Does Into the Spider-Verse still reign supreme?


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No YouTube version because Whitney’s lawyers.


You wont’ have to wait long for Ben & Matt’s coverage of this same movie, as Ben & Matt’s Marvellous Journey returns this Wednesday to conclude their coverage of Phase 3, a week ahead of their preview of all the Phase 4 craziness announced as SDCC.

As mentioned in the episode we recently hit TWO HUNDRED podcast episodes on the website with Mike & Matt’s review of Dark Phoenix.

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