From Broadcast Depth – Episode 63: ‘The New Man In Charge’ & Podcast Wrap-Up


The final season of LOST on DVD and Blu-Ray was released on August 24, 2010, and with it came a nearly 12 minute epilogue to answer a few remaining burning questions. Kevin and Ben take one final trip down memory lane to explore this epilogue which includes the Hydra Station orientation video, an answer about the polar bears, and the fate of Walt.

Photo Credit: Lostpedia Original artwork: Ben Lundy

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To Wrap-Up the podcast and LOST as a whole, the hosts have some supplemental discussion points lined up as well, including:

– A dissenting opinion on the series finale from friend of the show Justin Houston.

– Supplemental materials to read and watch post-series viewing to enhance the experience (linked at the end of this post and on the LostPod Twitter)

– An in-depth look at the Complete Series box set (the bonus materials and physical box itself)

– Mysteries people think were unsolved but actually were not

– Mysteries that actually were not resolved

– Life lessons “learned” from LOST

Thanks to everyone who ever listened to the show, and Namaste!

Supplementary materials discussed in the episode:

Jimmy Kimmel Live’s ‘Aloha to Lost’

‘Letting Go’ Documentary

‘On The Verge’ Damon Lindelof interview

Javier Grillo-Marxuach’s ‘LOST Will and Testament’

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