The Superhero Pantheon – Volume 2, Episode 2: Supergirl

Jerome Cusson and Brian DaBrain are back for episode two, and boy do they have an absolute banger of a film to review. It’s not a bird, plane, or even Superman. It’s Supergirl! Find out all about this bizarre movie with a phenomenal score…and not much else. Is it bad enough to warrant entry into the dreaded pile of shame? Listen and find out.

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Superhero Pantheon


Mike Thomas & Matt Waters have begun coverage of Game of Thrones as we head towards the final season in their new podcast: The Wheel Breakers. It has custom music, a dope new logo and the podcast itself isn’t bad either!

Like superhero movies? Well, Ben & Matt’s Marvellous Journey will be back soon to review Ant-Man & The WaspCaptain Marvel and of course Avengers: Endgame.

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