Ben & Matt’s Marvellous Journey Episode 6: The Avengers

The Avengers.png

The Reel World’s podcast series chronicling the history of the Marvel Cinematic Universe from 2008’s Iron Man to 2018’s Avengers: Infinity War hits a massive milestone, namely the release of the fifth highest grossing movie of all time: The Avengers.

Do make sure to listen out for Ben & Matt losing track of the rules of their own made up segment near the end!

Full steam ahead for Phase 2! Missed an episode? Check out the full line-up so far as well as the schedule for what’s to come.

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– Also Mike Thomas capped off The Thirst Winners (a Blade podcast mini-series) by taking a look back at the episode of the 90s Spider-Man cartoon Blade guest starred in. Suffice to say, it is DIFFERENT.

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