From Broadcast Depth Episode 2: ‘Tabula Rasa’ & ‘Walkabout’

From Broadcast Depth

For some survivors of Flight Oceanic 815, a clean start may just be what they need. This week, Kevin and Ben discuss the back stories of Kate and Locke that are revealed and how they inform what’s going on with the mysterious island, and what brought them to Australia. Why would Locke feel comfortable posting on r/ForeverAlone? Why is it a good idea to pretend to be Canadian in another country? All this and more await you on this weeks episode!

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– Ben & Matt’s Marvellous Journey will be covering Thor this Wednesday. Check out the full schedule.

– Mike & Matt talk about the live-action superhero movies coming out in 2017. Plus New Mutants because that got moved AFTER they wrote the piece.

– The second episode of The Thirst Winners, a new Reel World podcast looking at the Blade Trilogy, is now available.

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