The Superhero Pantheon: ‘Endgame’ (and Jupiter’s Legacy)

Jerome and Brian have been doing some version of this show for three years, and it’s time to rest for a bit. This is the season finale as Jerome and Brian reflect on their time and also preview what is to come in the world of superheroes.

They also discuss Jupiter’s Legacy (In Jerome’s case, just the first episode). Enjoy our last show until September. Have a great summer!

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The Superhero Pantheon – Limited Edition: Kick-Ass

Jerome and Brian continue their limited run of Superhero Pantheon episodes and turn their attention to the very popular 2010 film, Kick-Ass.

This was referenced by Wandavision because of two of the stars. This was quite the popular film 11 years ago. Does it still hold up? Find out as Jerome and Brian analyze Matthew Vaughn’s original foray into superhero films. 

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