The Tape Crusaders – Episode #19: The Batman

The Batman is here and that means Mike & Matt are back with a new episode of The Tape Crusaders.

They discuss the tone, the run time, casting choices and an unfortunate divide in their favourite source material. Long time listeners will be rewarded… and newbies will get it summarised for them anyway. Smile for the camera!

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The Superhero Pantheon: The Batman (Theatrical Review)

Jerome and Brian examine a new release this week. Did the world really need a three hour noir Batman story? Maybe not but what a tremendous effort from Matt Reeves. After reinventing the ‘Apes’ franchise for the 21st century, Reeves does something similar for Batman.

We get a lot of Batman in the suit but very little Andy Serkis. We also get a number of people from the rogue’s gallery, including an unwelcome tease. Enjoy our nearly hour long discussion on one of the best modern superhero movies of these first couple years of the decade. 

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10 Hopes and Fears for The Batman

Logo The first trailer for Matt Reeves’ The Batman has dropped and people are freaking the eff out. I myself spent most of the next day watching it on progressively larger screens. A litany of breakdown videos have launched since then, including people solving one of the riddles! Neat!

The movie is obviously a long way off, with a tentative release date of 2021, and hasn’t even finished filming due to the whole global pandemic situation. But why let tiny details like that get in the way of wild speculation??? Here are 10 Hopes and Fears for the movie ahead of its release: Continue reading 10 Hopes and Fears for The Batman