Pantheon Plus – Punchy Kicky (Ip) Man: Episode 3

It’s Week 3 of Punchy Kicky (Ip) Man Month, and Jerome and Brian are starting to notice diminishing returns in the Ip Man franchise.

It’s the third movie and Sammo Hung is out, but MIKE TYSON is in?! That’s right, a 3-minute fight between Ip Man and Mike Tyson that ultimately means nothing in the long run. Once again, it’s multiple storylines that get abandoned half way through the movie for some other plot line.


The Superhero Pantheon & Pantheon Plus can now be found in their own podcast feed on all major podcasting services. Episodes will continue to appear in the main Reel World Podcast we’ve been running for years… for now.


Ben & Matt are recharging their podcasting batteries but will be back with an extremely dumb thing related to Transformers soon. Logos are being drawn. Theme songs are being recorded. It’s a lot.

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