Pantheon Plus – Punchy Kicky (Wo)man: Michelle Yeoh in ‘The Heroic Trio’

Jerome and Brian continue their look at the first decade of Michelle Yeoh’s career with a rare superhero excursion. This film features a more complicated Yeoh performance as well as better things for Maggie Cheung to do as well. 


The Superhero Pantheon & Pantheon Plus can now be found in their own podcast feed on all major podcasting services. Episodes will continue to appear in the main Reel World Podcast we’ve been running for years… for now.


Ben & Matt’s Marvellous Journey has finished its podcast coverage of 2022 in the MCU. They’ll be posting an updated written version of their All-Marvel List in the near future and will be back with a brand new podcast in May. It’s going to be very very dumb.

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