Ranking the Schitt’s Creek Seasons

I watched this show as a compromise, and it is one of the worst things I have ever watched. Never compromise.


6. Season 6: The (Merciful) End

Not sure what happened, but at some point in this season I convinced my partner randomly to put on season one of Arrested Development. This was a huge mistake. Watching an actually funny sitcom (let alone an all-time sitcom at its peak) really emphasized just how unfunny Schitt’s Creek actually was. This final season was yet another reminder that this is one of the weirdest shows to ever exist and reach critical heights.

What about this show connected so much? It was not laugh-out-loud funny. The drama was never high stakes and the stories were often embarrassing as if they were legitimately written by Corky St. Clair. Like this felt like some sort of local theater troupe that won a contest that came with a production deal prize and the rights to get Eugene Levy and Catherine O’Hara to be in their television show.

Anyway, this final season was more of the same but perhaps even more cringe than before.


5. Season 5: Nowhere Left to Go

With the Roses firmly just living in Schitt’s Creek and both Rose children paired off, I was kind of curious what the final two seasons of this very soap opera-y show would be like. It turns out…not much. The whole storyline where Moira was putting together a cabaret for the town is honestly too embarrassing for words. I will never for the life of me understand just why so many people cared about this show.


4. Season 4: Relationships

After dancing around this for the first three seasons, season 4 is when Schitt’s Creek turned into a full CW relationship drama show. David dealt with his new relationship with Patrick. Alexis coped with being single while her ex-fiance was moving on. The soap opera of it all was always the least interesting part of the show, and the show leaning all in on it was a miscalculation for those who tuned into this situational comedy for the comedy.


3. Season 3: The Roses are now Schitters

At the very end of season 2, there is this sequence where the Roses are all dancing and having a great time at a local party (or whatever it is), and there is a feeling that they are finally at peace with their new lives. Season 3 is about them building a life for themselves in the town, Schitt’s Creek. The show was always more nicecore than funny, but now it was more that than ever. The show leaned all the way into the light melodrama of it all. And it’s fine, but it is just sort of depressing that a show with some genuinely funny people settles for a mere handful of chuckles each time out.


2. Season 1: Welcome to Schitt’s Creek

The first season of this show is……..fine? The most notable thing about the show is that beyond the mildly amusing premise and setup for the show, not much else about the show stands out. The four main characters probably just too broad to really care about them, but they are also not funny enough to stand out beyond that. The dynamic at this point is basically just Seinfeld (awful people having shenanigans) but not funny at all and slightly melodramatic. The supporting characters get tossed into two boxes: stupid and bemused. So, there’s not much there. The show was good for a couple of faint chuckles per episode.


1. Season 2: Precious Love

If season 1 was about the Roses dealing with their unwanted transition to Schitts Creek, season 2 was about them, whether they realized it or not, settling down and making a genuine home for themselves there. This change removed some of the bite of the original premise, but it was also clearly much more in the wheelhouse of what the show felt comfortable doing. The tradeoff means that the show is better executed like this while the ceiling for the show’s ability to be funny dropped to the basement.



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