Ranking the Animated Justice League Films

I watched all eleven animated Justice League flicks. THEY ARE #VeryOk

12. vs. the Fatal Five

HARD pass on this one. The animation looked awful. The story was rushed. The main character arcs were uninspired. Nothing to like about this one quite frankly. Thumbs Down

11. vs. Teen Titans

The teens were REALLY grating in this one and in some ways were the true enemy of the movie. It’s a Teen Titans film much more than anything else, and I think I just learned that I never want to watch Teen Titans. Thumbs Down.

10. Crisis on Two Earths

This film is a really good example of the tone being all wrong. Everything about the concept was just too stupid, but they take everything so morbidly seriously. There’s no way to enjoy it whatsoever. Thumbs Down.

9. Gods & Monsters

Despite some cool ideas and looks, this story is pretty fucking stupid and boring. It just kind of feels like they never thought much past the concept of “What if the Justice League but with new names and they all say ‘bitch’ in the movie.” It seems like a complete makeover for these characters would call for more interesting things happening to them. Thumbs Down

8. Dark

There is nothing here to be really excited or angry about. The needs of the premise kind of put them behind the eight ball with so many “new” characters in relation to the normal Justice League squad that it was near impossible to do well. Naturally, it was nothing special as a result. Mild Thumbs Down.

7. Apokolips War

This movie is not very good! It is in fact #VeryOk. It was has WAY too much ground to cover in a 90 minute flick, and there was just no way it was gonna be able to do it all well. It does however have some cool shit so it should be applauded for that. Slight Thumbs Down.

6. War

Doing a full-stop Justice League origins movie where the characters do not even know each other going into the film is a TALL ORDER and choosing to put yourself behind the eight ball. Introducing the majority of characters as if they are brand new to their powers or the world while also establishing an apocalyptic threat to the entire planet simultaneously is also a mighty challenge. AND doing a quick Evil Superman arc as well. How could anyone think that was a good idea? How could anyone conceive of doing such a thing?????

It is at least better than The Whedon Cut though! So, if you’re interested in a heavily condensed and animated version of the Snyder/Whedon Justice League, I guess watch this? Mild Thumbs Down.

5. Throne of Atlantis

Aquaman’s journey here was pretty weak, and his journey was the most prominent story. That obviously is not good. The movie just about does everything else well though so this is far from boring or unpleasant or anything like that. Mild thumbs in the middle.

4. The New Frontier

This movie is largely dumb and with an incredibly rushed story. I really hate ever suggesting this, but this movie would be much better off as a mini-series. There was just too much going on here, and it needed to be properly fleshed out. The dumb things stick out more as being very dumb when you cannot explore them at all. Mild Thumbs Down.  (Why does a Mild Thumbs Down get you a higher rating than Mild Thumbs in the Middle? I am an idiot.)

3. Trapped in Time

On paper, this looks like it would be one of the weaker entries in the animated Justice League films. However, the campier tone actually suited the characters better for a variety of reasons. The Superman Baby situation was one of the better sequences in any of the films. And Bizarro and Solomon Grundy were paired together for some inspired dialogue. Thumbs Up!

2. Doom

Yea! This one was pretty solid! It leveraged a good use of Batman to tell a shockingly intimate character-based story with all members getting something to do. The shoehorned-in armageddon plot was whatever but what can you do. They always force those in there. Thumbs Up!

1. The Flashpoint Paradox

Big Thumbs Up for this one! Pretty much all the characters got the right amount of time and direction. The voice work was well done even by the Names that don’t normally do a ton of voice work. The story avoided many of the traditional Justice League pitfalls. The only real weakness is the larger picture concerns in that this tiny glimpse of an alternate Justice League world seems MUCH more interesting than the standard fare! That seems like a problem!

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