Search for Justice – 4 Takeaways from Justice League Adventures: Trapped in Time

I will be checking out these Justice League animated movies as much as possible. I will be using the same four questions I use here to assess each film.

Best League Member?

This film was not a character heavy-piece, but the two biggest characters were kids. Kids are obviously the worst, and they were predictably very annoying due to the lack of understanding that kids are in fact annoying. Naturally then, the funniest character was Robin because he was the one child actually written with the awareness that children were annoying. His brattiness actually got a chuckle from me. Major accomplishment.

Weak Link?

See the last item! Children are fucking annoying!!! No one wants to hear from them!!! They should be the villains of the story not accidental villains because they are so annoying!! These two fuck everything up with the Karate Kid being the king fuck-up. Never need to see these two ever again until they grow up!

Worthy Villain?

Lex Luther actually made for a good villain here. His villainy is so based in his ego, and his lack otherworldly ability can create more genuine tension for the story. It also led to the absolutely insane Reverse Hitler Baby Theoretical scenario as Luther went back in time to kill Baby Superman. That sequence was one of the best that I have seen in an animated Justice League film.


On paper, this looks like it would be one of the weaker entries in the animated Justice League films. However, the campier tone actually suited the characters better for a variety of reasons. The Superman Baby situation was one of the better sequences in any of the films. And Bizarro and Solomon Grundy were paired together for some inspired dialogue. Thumbs Up!

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