There’s Always Another Podcast: Episode 2

Jerome and Kevin continue their journey through AMC’s Halt and Catch Fire with Episode 2 of There’s Always Another Podcast.

Jerome and Kevin discuss the show morphing from a showcase for Lee Pace into an ensemble cast in its second season, both with success, some growing pains, and a notably weak addition to the cast. Jerome even retcons a Season 1 blunder! 

Photo Credit: 25YL

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Jerome & Kevin have completed podcasts on Veronica Mars and Breaking Bad/Better Call Saul. Individually Jerome is the co-host of The Superhero Pantheon and Pantheon Plus while Kevin has done shows on LOST and Adventure Time.

The Matt Signal, a Batman The Animated Series recap, continues each Saturday and Sunday. This weekend marks the start of Season Two, as Batman chases a runaway Killer Croc and tries to protect Harvey Bullock from an unknown assassin.

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