Jerome’s 100 Favorite Movies – The Podcast: Part I (100 – 51)

Jerome Cusson put together a list of 100 favorite movies. This podcast is a discussion of numbers 100-51.

Ben Phillips hosts and takes listeners through the list while Jerome explains why the movies are where they are. They naively thought they’d be able to get the full list in one podcast, but alas, there will be a part two next week.

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Next week is STAR WARS WEEK at The Reel World. Look out for podcasts, lists and more starting Monday.

Jerome and Kevin’s Reel Bad concludes its coverage of Better Call Saul later this month. When there’s more to discuss they’ll be back of course.

Ben & Matt’s There Will Be Movies continues next week with Knives Out

The Matt Signal, a Batman The Animated Series recap, continues each Saturday and Sunday. This weekend Man-Bat seems to have returned and Gotham’s Most Wanted swap some tall tales.

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