From Broadcast Depth – Episode 20: ‘Maternity Leave’ & ‘The Whole Truth’


This week, it’s all about babies! Aaron is sick and Claire unlocks her memories from the time she was kidnapped by the Others in the hopes of finding out what made Aaron sick and how he can be cured. Sun experiences her own miracle after her tumultuous past with Jin prior to the Island where she learned she couldn’t conceive. Claire’s story reveals a lot of details about the Others as we find out exactly what she experienced during her time away, while Sun’s episode ends with one of the best lines in the shows history. This is a week you do not want to miss!

Photo courtesy of Lostpedia. Original artwork by Ben Lundy.

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Still coming July 15th: Countdown to Destruction?, a new podcast from super-fan Ben Phillips and first-time viewer Matt Waters covering The Leftovers.

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