From Broadcast Depth – Episode 18: ‘The Hunting Party’ & ‘Fire + Water’


Our main island Survivors cross paths with the Others in search of Michael, a meeting which causes Jack to take action. Charlie’s hallucinations and erratic behavior lead some of the Survivors to believe he’s back on heroin – but is he? In our flashbacks, we learn what lead to Jack and Sarah splitting, and how Charlie knows all too well the burden of being a junkie father as he watched his brother from afar.

These episodes lead to side discussions on certain aspects of the show treading water in this portion of Season Two, and a great featurette from the bonus features of the box set adds some valuable insight into all the care each LOST episode has put into it.

Photo courtesy of Lostpedia. Original artwork by Ben Lundy.

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Finally all that Marvel coverage is over. No idea what we’re talking about? Well go check it out for yourself and see.

Coming July 15th: Countdown to Destruction?, a new podcast from superfan Ben Phillips and first-time viewer Matt Waters covering The Leftovers.

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