Ben & Matt’s Marvellous Journey Episode 20: Avengers Infinity War

Episode 20) Avengers Infinity War.png

Finally… the non-stop Marvel spam can end because Ben & Matt reviewed Avengers: Infinity War and brought their MCU podcast to its conclusion… until August.

Enormous *Spoilers*, obviously.

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We are extremely proud of this little journey, regardless of how many listens it got and we sincerely thank those that followed us along on it.

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You can find every single episode of Ben & Matt’s Marvellous Journey in one convenient location, along with our big list of lists, our ranking of the first 18 films in the MCU, articles about Tony Stark and Steve Rogers and our Top 20 MCU performances.

Look, we hear you. It’s been a LOT. For the next few weeks the only regular podcast you’ll hear from The Reel World comes from Kevin Ford & Ben Lundy with From Broadcast Depth, a weekly LOST podcast. It’s p. great, guys, so check it out.

The next podcast from Ben & Matt will be Countdown to Destruction?, wherein Matt will be watching The Leftovers for the first time while mega-fan Ben gushes. Look forward to that, starting in July.

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