Big Spideas – Episode 3: ‘Spider-Man Homecoming’


FINALLY, Mike & Matt are ready to talk about a relatively recently released movie. That’s right, Big Spideas is coming to a big finish as ya bois discuss Tom Holland’s take on the iconic character. Matt is overly enthusiastic while Mike identifies aspects that are #problematic. So business as usual.

Yes, Big Spideas is done until that animated Phil Lord & Chris Miller Spider-Man movie featuring Miles Morales rolls around. We are sad about this because the logo we’ve been using for this mini-series is absolutely dope.

Big Spideas

But fear not, there’s more audio ‘entertainment’ coming your way soon as Matt will be joined by Ben Phillips to discuss the 2017 Emmys! What could be better than two Brits talking about American television for 90 minutes? If you said literally nothing then you win a prize.

After that Mike & Matt will be discussing American Gods so you’d better start/finish/rewatch before then.


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Futuramarama is coming back THIS WEEK. Seriously. Matt decided to get over that whole moving house thing and just press on. There may be less pictures and shorter recaps of each episode while he tries to balance things out but it’s BACK!

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