2017 First Watch: The Hangover Part III

Very Bad Trip 3 Poster

2017 will see me watching some films that I have never seen before and then writing about them. It will be a series of columns cleverly called, “2017 First Watch.”

When The Hangover came out in 2009, it felt like a genuinely fresh comedy helped in large part due to the breakout performance of Zach Galifianakis. Unfortunately, it was so financially successful that it spawned not one but two unnecessary sequels.The trilogy that no one asked for concluded here in this soulless film that everyone but Galifianakis and Ken Jeong are sleepwalking through. Jeong in particular gives it a 110% as he always does. The film ridiculously overemphasizes him though and his one-note character becomes an anchor hung around the neck of the whole story.

Nothing about this film is funny. Nothing about this fim connects on emotional level (despite some halfhearted attempts). It was a pure cash grab from everyone involved. Awful, cynical filmmaking.

Recommendation: Do not fucking watch this movie.

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