Firefly Now, Serenity Later: Episode #3 – Shindig & Safe 

Ep 3 - Shindig + SafeIn which Mike & Matt discuss ‘Shindig’ and ‘Safe’ the intended third and fourth episodes of Firefly. Despite their best efforts, your intrepid hosts get themselves into #Problematic territory, but thanks to Mike’s heroism, they just about struggle through it and give their thoughts on sword duels to the death and witch burnings.

Yes, yes, late again, we know, we know. Matt got a year older and was too busy to edit the podcast but he promises to stop having a life again and get back to hot #Content.

We’ll be back with a couple of hot bangers next time, in the former of Our Mrs. Reynolds & Jaynestown. Doesn’t that sound good?

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Also, psst, totally go check out Matt’s Futurama ranking blog. Don’t tell Mike.

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Matt Waters

Brit dude who likes both things AND stuff and has delusions of being some kind of writer or something. Basketball, video games, comic books, films, music, other random stuff.

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