2017 Oscar-Cast (feat. Jerome Cusson)


Taking a quick break from the world of spandex, Mike & Matt decided to get serious and break down the Best Picture Nominees for the 89th Academy Awards with the help of special guest Jerome Cusson.
Heavy spoilers for all nine films so those wanting to avoid a particular movie:

Intros + The Oscars Generally: 0.00
Arrival: 9:11
Fences: 18:07
Hacksaw Ridge: 30:26
Hell or High Water: 38:27
Hidden Figures: 48.26
La La Land: 54:33
Lion: 1:03:56
Manchester by the Sea: 1:13:21
Moonlight: 1:21:48
Honourable Mention: 1:34:23

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Special thanks to Goldblume for the podcast theme!

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Matt Waters

Brit dude who likes both things AND stuff and has delusions of being some kind of writer or something. Basketball, video games, comic books, films, music, other random stuff.

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